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What is a mini PC?

The Power of a Desktop in a Mini PC

The Smallest, Low Cost AND Powerful new generation of fully functional computer

Powered by latest Intel CPU and multi core GPU , upto 16GB Ram , Ultra fast on chip storage , ultra fast gbps wifi and LAN ports , Bluetooth smart Ready and much more


Small in size, Massive in computing !!

Powered by latest Intel CPU and multi core GPU , upto 16GB Ram , Ultra fast on chip storage , ultra fast gbps wifi and LAN ports , Bluetooth smart Ready


Handy & Compact

A revolutionary desktop computer designed in such away that it slips into your pocket without compromising on performance as a Desktop PC. There is no device built ever with this robustness


Secure & Safe

Doesn’t contain any mechanical hard disk based storage, the data is more safer and is more reliable. There are rare chance of data getting lost even if it gets damaged completely.


Quality Speed

Built with the latest storage, and DDR4 RAM, and latest Intel Processors with 12 to 16 core GPU. Memory used in has higher I/O.

Benefits of an inside tech Mini PC

  • Lower noise and easier to maintain
  • Enhanced data security
  • Lower hardware costs
  • Less network bandwidth
  • Less wasted hardware
  • Lower IT maintenance costs
  • Simple hardware update
  • Easier hardware failure management
  • More efficient use of computing resources
  • Less energy consumption
  • Work independent of server
  • Handy as it can be carried with in product

Replace your office and home computers with an Inside-Tech Mini PC today

Save huge on electricity by replacing your current computer with an inside tech Mini PC. Electricity saving of six months is equal to the cost of an inside tech Mini PC


Inside-Tech mini PC vs desktop computers

Features Desktop Inside-Tech Mini PC
Size Very Bulky As handy as you can carry it in your pocket. It’s the world’s smallest Desktop computer.
Speed Slower than Inside-Tech Mini PC Faster than the desktop computers and laptops with similar configuration.
Boot Time Same Booting time as compared laptop. Inside-Tech Mini PC’s booting process is thrice as faster as the other existing systems. So, it takes normally 1/3rd of the time normal desktop or laptop takes for loading the OS on reboot/Restart. It boots Windows-10 in around 6 to 8 seconds.
Cost Costlier than the Inside-Tech Mini PC It’s less costly than the Desktop computer.

Power Comsuption: Inside-

Tech Mini PC is free

Normal Desktop computer runs on 200-300 watt of power. Inside-Tech Mini PC comes with in built power optimizer chipset that makes Inside-Tech Mini PC a power saver device. Moreover Inside-Tech Mini PC runs on under 40 watt power. *power consumption varies between each model we sell* It saves so much power that in 6 months time, it will recover its cost by saving enough electricity bill.
SMPS Failures In case of desktop, SMPS failures are the most common problem observed due to power fluctuations. Inside-Tech Mini PC doesn’t have SMPS in it. It runs with its own adapter. So, there is no question of SMPS related failures. It comes with it’s own Power Bank and inbuilt adapter.
Running on UPS or Power Back up You can’t run desktop for longer time on your UPS or power backup. Normal UPS runs your desktop computers for 15 to 20 minutes. As Inside-Tech Mini PC is a power efficient computer, you can keep working with Inside-Tech Mini PC on the same UPS or Power Backup for at least 10 times more. Normal UPS runs Inside-Tech Mini PC for 2 to 3 hours. That means your whole day work can be carried out without electricity (on UPS)
Wifi and Bluetooth Desktop normally doesn’t come with inbuilt Wi-Fi feature, and user needs to purchase the WI-Fi or Bluetooth card separately. Inside-Tech Mini PC has the in built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as present in Laptop.
Wi-Fi Capacity No Wi-Fi Capacity. Inside-Tech Mini PC Comes with dual Antenna. One on board and one separately connected with 5Dbi capacity which is so powerful that the Wi Fi signal range can be accessible even 30 mtrs away from Wi-Fi Routers, and can penetrate even multiple walls and building.
Guarantee For assembled Desktop, you get only the guarantee of parts and not on the complete system Inside-Tech Mini PC comes with 1 Year of “Complete Replacement