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Company 2 FDM 3D Printer - Dual Extruder

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Company 2 FDM 3D Printer - Dual Extruder
£2,038.80 £1,699.00

Dual Extruder, High Precision Huge Print Size 3D Printer

  • Metal structure reduces the chance of movement, improving print quality
  • Build Volume 270x280x630mm
  • Out of the box operation, no need to assemble
  • Auto plate levelling 
  • Sensor triggers the machine to pause prints when the filament runs out or is broken
  • Full colour touchscreen control
  • 0.3-0.4mm layer resolution#Positioning precision - X/Y: 0.011mm Z: 0.0025mm
  • Nozel diamater - 0.4mm (Will accept 0.3 & 0.5mm)
  • Print speed 180mm/s
  • Extruder quantity - 1
  • Wide range of 1.75mm filament options - PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper PLA,Wood, Carbon Fiber, etc.
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Company 2 FDM is a 3D printer with 0.05mm print precision and a larger print size capability than its predecessor.* The dual nozzle Company 2 FDM boasts a simpler design with fewer components and Auto Build Plate Levelling.


Stable operation & durability

The Wiiboox Company 2 FDM has a new plate metal integrated structure, with a solid, simpler design and fewer components for higher print precision with added stability and durability.

Larger print size*

The Company 2 FDM’s new, more stable structure allows for an increase of 43.9% in printing size over the preceding Company model: 30 x 27 x 28cm (HLW).

Patented high precision extruder

The Wiiboox Company 2 FDM’s sixth generation extruder was developed to neither drag nor plug and is now capable of reaching 0.05mm print precision.

Safe air filtration system

User safety remains a top priority for the Company 2. It has a 0.08mm air filtration system combined with a fully enclosed fuselage to protect operators from small particles produced during the printing process.

Patented Auto Build Plate Levelling

At the touch of the auto-level button, the built-in balance calculation starts immediately. The Company 2 will level itself automatically with three adjustable points on the build plate.


Print Precision

30x 27 x 28cm



Air Filtration System

Extruder with Patent

High Precision, No dragging

Our pursuit of perfect printing experience encourages us to constantly improve our extruders. In order to make the extruder neither drag nor plug in normal use, we have developed the sixth generation extruder. The new extruder is capable of reaching 0.05mm printing precision now.

As Safe As Ever

WIIBOOX Company 2 still pays great attention on customer safety, because customer safety is the cornerstone of our development at any time and any place. Therefore, we take 0.08mm air filtration system combined with fully enclosed fuselage to effectively protect our customers from the small particles produced during the printing process.

70s Auto Build Plate Leveling

Our Innovation Patent

Leveling the build plate must be the biggest difficulty in using a 3D printer. However, Wiiboox Company 2 has made the process easy and fast. Just press the Auto-level button, the built-in balance calculation system will immediately start. Then the printer will auto leveled itself with three settled points on the build plate with light hints. After at least 70 seconds, the build plate will be balanced and a new world of creativity will be opened.

Firm in Structure, Solid in Shell,

Stable in Operation

Wiiboox Company 2’s structure applies PLATEMETAL integrated design. The new structure brings higher printing precision, simpler design and fewer components, which makes Wiiboox Company 2 solider and more stable and durable. In addition, the new structure leads an increase of 43.9% of Wiiboox Company 2’s printing size compared with Wiiboox Company.

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Company 2

Product Dimensions


Print Size


Print Precision




Display Screen

5.0inch Color Touch Screen

Air Filtration Module


Build Plate

Removable aluminum plate Can be heated to 100 degrees centigrade

Video Monitor


Auto Build Plate Leveling


Wrapping Alarm


Print from break-point

Yes(no need of saving)

Filament Alarm


Filaments Compatibility



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Company 2 FDM 3D Printer - Dual Extruder